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There’s no getting around some things, so let’s face it: I’m one of those aging Boomers who make up the Gray Tsunami beginning to wash over the USA. I’m also part of the sandwich generation, having had elderly parents and children to take care of at the same time. I’ve learned a lot from simply living life, and a lot more from working as an on-call chaplain and a hospice social worker. As I navigated through the care system with both of my parents I found myself extremely grateful for my hospital and hospice experience because I still didn’t quite know how to get everything done, all the services in place for their care. I can’t imagine how people who don’t know the system as well as I do find their way. I’m here to help you. I won’t lie to you. I’m also here to help me. I want my kids to have the information they need as I age and they may have to make decisions on my behalf.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker  (MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University) and a Master of Divinity (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg). I am committed to living well and dying in peace and with dignity. I invite you to share my journey.



  1. Nice open feel – easy to navigate.
    Cooking is an interest of mine though I’m not so interested in the topic of nutrition per se, as it feels like a clinical term. I say this even though my sister was a nutritionist! It will be interesting to see how this site evolves.

    • Marsha Gallagher

      Thanks for your feedback, Maria. Cooking for older people, especially if they’re taking many medications, can be tricky, and food is such an important part of life.

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