Monthly Archives: May 2014

Would Your Doctor Tell You?

Are you ever amazed at ancient wisdom? Do you ever wonder about the value of new approaches and techniques? Sometimes I believe that progress isn’t progress. Today I was reading about when to stop cancer treatment. One paragraph in the article particularly caught my attention. The author writes that “Patients and families often assume their doctors are trained and ... Read More »

I’m a Caregiver. Where’s the Manual?

There you are, just going along and living your life, when one day things seem a little off.  Maybe you can’t put your finger on exactly what seems awry, but there’s a little nagging feeling. You visited your parents and their home seemed dirtier than normal. As you helped prepare dinner you noticed that your mom seemed befuddled by things ... Read More »

How Do You Fill an Empty Space?

Mothers Day is almost here. For the first time in my life I’m not making any plans with my family for that day. My daughters won’t be home so there will be of fuss over  my motherhood. My mother died two and a half months ago so  I won’t have the pleasure of treating her to anything special. I feel ... Read More »