Monthly Archives: April 2014

What If You Did What Scares You?

Are you a risk taker, or do you play it safe? What does it take to do something a little out of your comfort zone, and how do you feel afterward? These two women show completely different approaches to life and adventure. Some risk avoidance makes sense. Some doesn’t. For example, I never applied to dental school because I ... Read More »

In Memory Of My Mother

Today I’m remembering Maxine Gallagher, my mother. She departed this earth on February 19, 2014 so she didn’t make it to this, her 86th birthday. Sometimes remembering is all we can do. If someone you love is old, in fragile health, take some time to remember with them the good things they added to your life, the lessons they taught ... Read More »

What Would You Do If You Were In His Shoes?

Why me? Oh, no! This is the end. How will I everĀ  make it? Are these the kinds of things that go through your mind when you get unwelcome news about yourself and your life? Have you ever thought things were so bad you might as well end it all? Here’s a video about a man who was so despondent ... Read More »

Do You Remember…?

What happens to you when the seasons change? I’m not talking about getting out the summer clothes, taking down the Christmas lights and things like that. Is there any change inside you? For me, no matter which season is beginning and which is ending, I feel a mixture of hope and nostalgia. I remember the seasons of years past as ... Read More »