Monthly Archives: September 2013

Old Doesn’t Mean Useless

How often have you heard, or perhaps even said yourself, that old people are a drain on society? That they sit around drawing social security, draining the Medicare system, use up resources that others could benefit from? Actually, studies show that older people may be more productive than younger people. They’ve been found to be loyal, reliable, responsible employees. When ... Read More »

When the One You Love Is There But Not

If your loved one has dementia, you understand the title of this post. When I served as chaplain in a dementia unit at a retirement community I learned that every day I had to introduce myself to my residents. Every day they were so happy to meet me. I’d patiently sit down and listen to their stories as though hearing ... Read More »

3 Ways To Help Keep Your Parent Safe In A Nursing Home

Having elderly parents is both a joy and a challenge. When they’re living on their own it’s easy to worry about them forgetting things, taking wrong medications, falling. You get the picture. But what about when you think you’ve finally found a safe place for them to live, a place where they’ll have people to look after them? How do ... Read More »

The Rest of Your Life

If you’re as old as I am you probably remember stores selling posters and other things that said, “Today’s the first day of the rest of your life.” ┬áThese 30 or 40 years later the saying is still true, but my goals have certainly changed. I’ve worked with older people and have become one of them myself. I don’t have ... Read More »