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What Did The Doctor Say?

Elderly woman looks out her window smiling

We’re going to the  doctor. Can you take me to the doctor? I need to make an appointment with the doctor. Does this sound familiar? As my parents aged we took them to ever more medical appointments. Not only that, but we had to go to the hospital emergency room regularly. A common question we’d ask is, “What did the ... Read More »

A Lifetime Of Living With Purpose

Fan presents Joan Baez flowers and thanks her for her stance on immigration at Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC

When I was young I fell in love with the music of Joan Baez. I also admired her ardent support for the issues she held dear and her willingness to express herself in the best way she knew: music. I never got to see her in concert because I was less willing to contradict those around me who disagreed with ... Read More »

Grandma Won? Hooray!

When I was growing up older people still often sat in their rocking chairs or on their porches and didn’t seem to do much of anything. At least, that’s how it looked to my child’s eyes. Of course I paid no attention to the fact that my grandmother had made breakfast for herself, my grandfather, and the six of us ... Read More »

Can You Imagine Dying? A Tribute & A Memory

  Do you have ideas about what it means to live well? Maybe you have a healthy lifestyle defined by exercise, enough rest, nutritious food, and the occasional vacation to recharge your batteries. Maybe your idea of living well is to indulge in favorite foods no matter what they are, to sit on the couch or in the recliner and ... Read More »

Friends & Their Importance in Senior Living

One of my best friends is getting ready to move across the country. I’ll miss her, especially since a few of my other good friends have died. We’re old, but not that old. All of us are under 70. Every time I lose a friend, either to death or to a long distance move, I feel more isolated. It’ hard ... Read More »