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Some Things Are Simply Beyond Imagination

It’s beautiful outside, unseasonably warm, bright and sunny. I’m in just the right frame of mind to see the circus under the big top on a grassy lot today but there isn’t one in town and I have work to do. On a day like this, however, it’s time for some humor instead of some heavy serious topic. Are you ... Read More »

Ladies’ Room & Line Dancing: Don’t Try This!

Oh, I had some serious topic I was going to write about this morning, but I’ve been going through old family possessions and having a little too much seriousness lately. It’s been cold out, the day is gray, and I need a little fun. That brought me to this video about funny lady Jeanne Robertson in an airport restroom. Having ... Read More »

Humor Cures What Ails You

The whole process of aging is challenging. Things happen to remind us of what we no longer have or can do. For example, this morning I was behind a skinny little pretzel of a young woman in yoga. I’ll tell you, my body just doesn’t do what hers does. None the less, I’m grateful to be able to participate in ... Read More »