Monthly Archives: August 2014

Could This Help In Your Caregiving Relationships?

We’ve just reached the 6 month anniversary of my mother’s death. Of course that got me thinking, reflecting on life in general and my mother’s final months in particular. I think if I’d had to be her full time caregiver I’d have gone stark raving mad. I’ve seen daughters and sons lovingly take care of their parents’ every need. I’ve ... Read More »

Robin Williams: Extraordinary Comic Genius, Sadly Ordinary Suicide

Like many of you reading Today’s Gray Matters, I was saddened to hear that Robin Williams, actor and comic genius, had hanged himself this week. I never quite got the fascination with Mork, but I loved the genie in Disney’s Aladdin and Williams’ character in Good Will Hunting. I’d seen Patch Adams Dead Poets Society, and One Hour Photo. Robin ... Read More »