Monthly Archives: October 2014

Do You Want To Go Down In History? If So…

  What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Is it important to you that people remember who you are, that they have an accurate picture of the person that’s YOU? If so, it’s time to record our life story. Your parents probably began this when you were born. Most do. They go crazy with the camera and record ... Read More »

Want To Bet? Grief Gambling Syndrome

ecently I came upon an article about grief gambling syndrome, something I hadn’t learned about in my masters programs. It brought to mind one of my hospice patients who wanted to know if it was alright for her and her caregiver to go to Atlantic City to the casino. Since hospice is about living as fully as you can for ... Read More »

Did You Say Green?

everal years ago I was reading something, perhaps The Encyclopedia of Immaturity but I’m not sure, when I discovered that one alternative to traditional funeral practices is to have remains made into artificial diamonds. I remember jokingly telling my daughters that they could split me into two diamonds and wear me forever. I’d forgotten about it until I happened on ... Read More »