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What Did The Doctor Say?

Elderly woman looks out her window smiling

We’re going to the  doctor. Can you take me to the doctor? I need to make an appointment with the doctor. Does this sound familiar? As my parents aged we took them to ever more medical appointments. Not only that, but we had to go to the hospital emergency room regularly. A common question we’d ask is, “What did the ... Read More »

Questions to Ask Before Your Mind’s on Drugs

Do you remember as far back as the 60’s, maybe even before, when “on drugs” was a negative term that usually involved illegal activity? Back then I pictured people on drugs as criminals, people lying around in a stupor until time to get their next fix. Unfortunately, I had a family member who fit this description so I saw “up¬†close ... Read More »

Dignity & Respect: Bring These Back to ICU to Remember that Patients Are People

I’ve witnessed far too many ICU scenes, as a hospital chaplain, a hospice social worker, and a daughter of elderly parents. The scenes were often dehumanizing, so I’m glad to see this article from today’s Washington Post. Please share your experiences in the comments. Let’s work together to keep medicine humane. Read More »

Would Your Doctor Tell You?

Are you ever amazed at ancient wisdom? Do you ever wonder about the value of new approaches and techniques? Sometimes I believe that progress isn’t progress. Today I was reading about when to stop cancer treatment. One paragraph in the article particularly caught my attention. The author writes that “Patients and families often assume their doctors are trained and ... Read More »

Something Precious Lost?

How well do you know your doctor? Even more important, how well does your doctor know you? In Knocking on Heaven’s Door: A Better Way to Death¬†Katy Butler writes that more and more doctors practice as skilled technicians with their own agendas. She states that “something precious–our old faith in a doctor’s calling, perhaps, or in healing that is more ... Read More »

When the One You Love Is There But Not

If your loved one has dementia, you understand the title of this post. When I served as chaplain in a dementia unit at a retirement community I learned that every day I had to introduce myself to my residents. Every day they were so happy to meet me. I’d patiently sit down and listen to their stories as though hearing ... Read More »