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A Lifetime Of Living With Purpose

Fan presents Joan Baez flowers and thanks her for her stance on immigration at Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC

When I was young I fell in love with the music of Joan Baez. I also admired her ardent support for the issues she held dear and her willingness to express herself in the best way she knew: music. I never got to see her in concert because I was less willing to contradict those around me who disagreed with ... Read More »

Aging: Better Than The Alternative? How Does It Happen?

Every once in awhile I look around various places on the internet to see what I may be missing. I came upon this video about aging this morning and found it interesting. Check it out for yourself. Face it: we live in an anti-aging society. The only actual alternative to aging is death, though, so why fight aging? Why ... Read More »

Gold In The Golden Years

I recently noticed a newspaper story about a woman who lives in a building where I used to provide social work services to home health patients. Helen Crossley was about to turn 105 years old. She”s proof that it’s possible to age well, to add value to your community, and to inspire others. Here’s her story: What treasure do ... Read More »