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Do You Think Realtors Should Do This?

here I was one day, minding my business at home when my phone rang. I mean my ancient artifact, a landline phone, rang. It was a real estate age that I’d never heard of. She let me know that she had a client looking for a house in the school distinct I happen to live in, that the client didn’t ... Read More »

Can You Believe This Still Happens?

With liberty and justice for all.” Is that phrase familiar to you? We used to say it every morning when we pledged allegiance to the flag in school. As I age, however, I wonder how many people truly understood what they were saying, how many people actually believe in the concept of liberty and justice not just for select people, ... Read More »

Ageism & The Work Place

Ageism is rampant in American society. Many of us are guilty of perpetuating it whether intentional or not. Do we see it and not challenge it? Are we actively biased against older people, assuming them to be less sharp mentally, less attractive to the workplace? Tell us where and how you witness ageism. Fortunately, some places in America actually value ... Read More »

Who’s At The Gym?

Take a look around next time you’re at the gym. Who do you see? I was there this morning and I saw a lot of gray hair. People weren’t necessarily your hard-bodied athletic type, but they were older men and women who can still get around without walkers and canes, can still live independently, and want to have good quality ... Read More »