Monthly Archives: January 2014

Entering the Future

Have you ever noticed that the language that we use can influence how we feel? Sometimes even a subtle change makes a big difference. Are you going to face the future or enter the future? Cope with old age or enjoy old age? Imagine what you’ll want or get to do instead of dwelling on what you’ll no longer have ... Read More »

Fitness: Is It Ever Too Late? Reform the Couch Potatoes

Last night I visited my mother at her assisted living apartment. It was one of those challenging visits where she complained about everything including the fact that she’s not getting physical therapy and her care team won’t let her get up and walk on her own. She’s bed or wheelchair bound, in hospice care, and has fallen many times over ... Read More »

Let’s Look At 2014 With New Eyes

Many years ago when my daughter Tracy, now 26, was in elementary school she loved to do the hidden pictures puzzles in the Highlights for Children magazine. One morning we were doing the puzzle together and we couldn’t find some of the pictures that were supposed to be there. We became more and more frustrated until one of us had ... Read More »

Happy New Year! Aging Well in 2014

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions to help you age well this year? How about resolutions to help your dear ones to live well? Let’s keep those resolutions positive. Here are some suggestions: Find something to celebrate every day. Express gratitude for the people in your life. Think about how you want to live and let people know. ... Read More »