Monthly Archives: November 2013

Giving Thanks in Times of Difficulty

Talk of Thanksgiving, food, and family swirls around me. My daughters are coming home, a meal is planned, and we’re looking forward to each other’s company. None of us knows what really to expect, however. Two weeks ago we were led to believe that my mother would no longer be with us by Thanksgiving. We all gathered and said our ... Read More »

Caregivers’ Worth: Immeasurable!

Sometimes people in retirement communities need more help than their care package provides. People in independent living apartments enjoy living “on their own” but could perhaps use help with laundry or basic household tasks. Residents of an assisted living facility may want to remain in their familiar apartments even when they become unable to take care of themselves and could ... Read More »

Ageism & The Work Place

Ageism is rampant in American society. Many of us are guilty of perpetuating it whether intentional or not. Do we see it and not challenge it? Are we actively biased against older people, assuming them to be less sharp mentally, less attractive to the workplace? Tell us where and how you witness ageism. Fortunately, some places in America actually value ... Read More »

Legacy: Obesity & Poor Health, Or Vibrant Life?

In A Long Bright Future Laura Carstensen notes that a century ago people only had about a two week period of infirmity before they died, usually at home. Now it’s more common for people to have roughly a two year period of infirmity and to die in a hospital. People thus require more medical care and cost the insurance (including ... Read More »

Follow Your Bliss

This has been a big week for me. We left caring for the elderly relatives to our siblings and went to Nashville to celebrate 30 years of marriage and my husband’s 60th birthday. What a fantastic trip. We went to the Grand Ol’ Opry, a lifelong dream for me. We went to more bars and honkytonks than a non-drinking woman ... Read More »