Monthly Archives: February 2014

Can You Believe This Still Happens?

With liberty and justice for all.” Is that phrase familiar to you? We used to say it every morning when we pledged allegiance to the flag in school. As I age, however, I wonder how many people truly understood what they were saying, how many people actually believe in the concept of liberty and justice not just for select people, ... Read More »

Keeping Life in Perspective

Where are you in your life’s journey? Do you have aches and pains, doctors and specialists, trouble with mobility and activities of daily living? Perhaps you’re not there yourself yet but are taking care of someone, perhaps an elderly parent, who is. Either way, it’s easy to get sucked into negative thinking about life’s burdens. Let’s look at it another ... Read More »

Something Precious Lost?

How well do you know your doctor? Even more important, how well does your doctor know you? In Knocking on Heaven’s Door: A Better Way to Death┬áKaty Butler writes that more and more doctors practice as skilled technicians with their own agendas. She states that “something precious–our old faith in a doctor’s calling, perhaps, or in healing that is more ... Read More »