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Stay or Go? Which Choice is Right?

Last night a friend (we’ll call her “Heather”) and her husband “Alan” came over for dinner. We had a lovely evening with good food and good conversation. I found myself thinking back to Still Alice, the movie I saw last weekend about a woman trying to hang onto as much of herself as she could while early onset dementia crept ... Read More »

Are You Stuck In This Squeeze?

Only a few of those born into this world survive the vicissitudes of infancy, childhood and maturity. And this, by the way, is most fortunate; for otherwise if all lived to be old and the burden of caring for them  in their increasing helplessness were thus added to the burden of caring for the helpless young, this would be a ... Read More »

5 Tips for Caring for Someone with Dementia

There’s a relatively new book about caring for people with dementia. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but the review I saw excerpted a few tips that sound useful and right in line with what I’ve read other places and heard in presentations over the years. The book is A Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia: Using Activities and Other ... Read More »

Could This Help In Your Caregiving Relationships?

We’ve just reached the 6 month anniversary of my mother’s death. Of course that got me thinking, reflecting on life in general and my mother’s final months in particular. I think if I’d had to be her full time caregiver I’d have gone stark raving mad. I’ve seen daughters and sons lovingly take care of their parents’ every need. I’ve ... Read More »

I’m a Caregiver. Where’s the Manual?

There you are, just going along and living your life, when one day things seem a little off.  Maybe you can’t put your finger on exactly what seems awry, but there’s a little nagging feeling. You visited your parents and their home seemed dirtier than normal. As you helped prepare dinner you noticed that your mom seemed befuddled by things ... Read More »

Caregivers’ Worth: Immeasurable!

Sometimes people in retirement communities need more help than their care package provides. People in independent living apartments enjoy living “on their own” but could perhaps use help with laundry or basic household tasks. Residents of an assisted living facility may want to remain in their familiar apartments even when they become unable to take care of themselves and could ... Read More »

Who Cares?

I was a hospice social worker for several years, and before that I was a chaplain on call at a busy trauma center. I’ve met my share of people who can’t take care of themselves, and I’ve met the people who care for them. Sometimes family is great at caregiving, sometimes it’s best to hire someone outside the family. I ... Read More »

Taking Care of Yourself

Caring for a loved one can be exhausting physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. It’s important to take care of yourself if you’re to have the energy to care for someone else. That’s good advice, but it isn’t always easy to follow. Believe me, I know. My mother is 85 and my mother in law is 89 so I have first ... Read More »