Ladies’ Room & Line Dancing: Don’t Try This!

Oh, I had some serious topic I was going to write about this morning, but I’ve been going through old family possessions and having a little too much seriousness lately. It’s been cold out, the day is gray, and I need a little fun. That brought me to this video about funny lady Jeanne Robertson in an airport restroom. Having ... Read More »

Aging: Better Than The Alternative? How Does It Happen?

Every once in awhile I look around various places on the internet to see what I may be missing. I came upon this video about aging this morning and found it interesting. Check it out for yourself. Face it: we live in an anti-aging society. The only actual alternative to aging is death, though, so why fight aging? Why ... Read More »

Holidays & Family: How to Handle It All

Here we are in mid-December and it’s impossible not to notice the winter holiday season. I only have 1 daughter coming home for 4 days. Others are more fortunate to have a lot of holiday company. Or are they? I remember one set of grandparents proudly telling us about how all their kids and grandkids came home and stayed with ... Read More »

Humor Cures What Ails You

The whole process of aging is challenging. Things happen to remind us of what we no longer have or can do. For example, this morning I was behind a skinny little pretzel of a young woman in yoga. I’ll tell you, my body just doesn’t do what hers does. None the less, I’m grateful to be able to participate in ... Read More »

Thanksgiving & Joy

Thanksgiving. It’s almost here. This year especially, people have asked me what I’m doing for Thanksgiving. For the longest time I didn’t have an answer other than that I would be thankful and would eat something somewhere. Simply being alive, having the opportunity eat, having choices about what to do for the day are things to be thankful for. This ... Read More »

Are You Stuck In This Squeeze?

Only a few of those born into this world survive the vicissitudes of infancy, childhood and maturity. And this, by the way, is most fortunate; for otherwise if all lived to be old and the burden of caring for them ┬áin their increasing helplessness were thus added to the burden of caring for the helpless young, this would be a ... Read More »

Whose Choice Is It? And What Do You Choose?

What kind of day are you having today? I’ve decided I’m going to have a great day! In order to live well, we have to choose a good life. When you get up in the morning, what do you say to yourself? This morning I looked at the clock, noted that it was about 4:30 a.m., and decided to get ... Read More »

How Much Of This Do You Need To Age Well?

  Have you ever gone crazy with a new hobby? Did you go out and buy way more stuff than you needed to support this hobby. You didn’t call it stuff. You called it equipment or supplies, something that made it sound not only important but also necessary. I’m guilty of this. Over the past 38 years I’ve accumulated clown ... Read More »

Do You Want To Go Down In History? If So…

  What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Is it important to you that people remember who you are, that they have an accurate picture of the person that’s YOU? If so, it’s time to record our life story. Your parents probably began this when you were born. Most do. They go crazy with the camera and record ... Read More »

Want To Bet? Grief Gambling Syndrome

ecently I came upon an article about grief gambling syndrome, something I hadn’t learned about in my masters programs. It brought to mind one of my hospice patients who wanted to know if it was alright for her and her caregiver to go to Atlantic City to the casino. Since hospice is about living as fully as you can for ... Read More »