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What Did The Doctor Say?

Elderly woman looks out her window smiling

We’re going to the  doctor. Can you take me to the doctor? I need to make an appointment with the doctor. Does this sound familiar? As my parents aged we took them to ever more medical appointments. Not only that, but we had to go to the hospital emergency room regularly. A common question we’d ask is, “What did the ... Read More »

Dignity & Respect: Bring These Back to ICU to Remember that Patients Are People

I’ve witnessed far too many ICU scenes, as a hospital chaplain, a hospice social worker, and a daughter of elderly parents. The scenes were often dehumanizing, so I’m glad to see this article from today’s Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/effort-to-reduce-harm-in-hospitals-centers-on-seeing-patient-as-a-person/2015/04/08/13c7a814-da16-11e4-b3f2-607bd612aeac_story.htm Please share your experiences in the comments. Let’s work together to keep medicine humane. Read More »

Who Gets To Choose How Life Ends?

esterday I found the Readers Digest at my place at the breakfast table. My husband had left it conspicuously open to an article about how doctors die.  The gist of the article was that doctors rarely choose CPR, being placed indefinitely on a respirator, having surgery that most likely won’t improve their quality of life. The doctors have been in ... Read More »

Would You Want This To Happen To You?

Have you ever been in a hospital when over the intercom you’ve heard “Code Blue, code blue”? Have you seen the organized chaos that occurs in a room when a patient’s heart has stopped beating and the medical team is doing everything they can to revive the patient? When I was the on-call chaplain at a trauma hospital I saw ... Read More »

Would Your Doctor Tell You?

Are you ever amazed at ancient wisdom? Do you ever wonder about the value of new approaches and techniques? Sometimes I believe that progress isn’t progress. Today I was reading http://wapo.st/1lCNAWD about when to stop cancer treatment. One paragraph in the article particularly caught my attention. The author writes that “Patients and families often assume their doctors are trained and ... Read More »

Peace at End of Life

If you’re like many people, Shakespeare isn’t at the top of your reading list. His works, however, contain many wise words.  “Disturb him not, let him pass peaceably. They also serve who only stand and wait” comes from Henry VI, pt II, act III, scene 3. These are words family members and medical professionals would do well to keep in ... Read More »

Something Precious Lost?

How well do you know your doctor? Even more important, how well does your doctor know you? In Knocking on Heaven’s Door: A Better Way to Death Katy Butler writes that more and more doctors practice as skilled technicians with their own agendas. She states that “something precious–our old faith in a doctor’s calling, perhaps, or in healing that is more ... Read More »

Ageism & The Work Place

Ageism is rampant in American society. Many of us are guilty of perpetuating it whether intentional or not. Do we see it and not challenge it? Are we actively biased against older people, assuming them to be less sharp mentally, less attractive to the workplace? Tell us where and how you witness ageism. Fortunately, some places in America actually value ... Read More »

Legacy: Obesity & Poor Health, Or Vibrant Life?

In A Long Bright Future Laura Carstensen notes that a century ago people only had about a two week period of infirmity before they died, usually at home. Now it’s more common for people to have roughly a two year period of infirmity and to die in a hospital. People thus require more medical care and cost the insurance (including ... Read More »