Happy New Year! Aging Well in 2014

Celebrate Our Gray

Celebrate Our Gray

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions to help you age well this year? How about resolutions to help your dear ones to live well? Let’s keep those resolutions positive. Here are some suggestions:

Find something to celebrate every day.
Express gratitude for the people in your life.
Think about how you want to live and let people know.
Make plans for what kind of medical care you want in case of an emergency. Do you have an Advance Medical Directive? If you or someone close to you is not likely to live much longer, have you discussed how you want to be cared for at and after the end of your life? Having the difficult conversations about this kind of issues shows that you care about each other and want to honor each other.
Value every moment.


  1. Great ideas to help focus our energy for the New Year, Marsha! I do find myself filled with gratitude as the new year begins and there is so much to celebrate. I’d add:

    Find ways to express your love each day.
    Tell someone how they’ve made a difference in your life.
    Is there something you’d like your loved ones to remember? Write it down for them.

    Among the things I am grateful for today is this lovely reminder of how we can embrace a new year with a joyful engagement in life.

    Thank you, Marsha!

    • Marsha Gallagher

      Great suggestions, Jim. Thanks.

    • I so wish that my parents took the time to fill out the small books titled something like “My Legacy” that I bought for each of them one Christmas and said, “All I would like for Christmas next year is for you to fill out these books for me and your grandchildren. They never did. Had I lived in the same town I could have read it to them and filled it out myself but I thgouth it would be nice in their own handwriting. Now I wished I had just videotaped some of their stories. The technology was not there for me to do this with my grandparents (or even my parents) without lugging around a videocam the size of a boombox but now it is and I can do this for my children. Someday they may appreciate it. 🙂

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