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What Did The Doctor Say?

Elderly woman looks out her window smiling

We’re going to the  doctor. Can you take me to the doctor? I need to make an appointment with the doctor. Does this sound familiar? As my parents aged we took them to ever more medical appointments. Not only that, but we had to go to the hospital emergency room regularly. A common question we’d ask is, “What did the ... Read More »

I Went To Get Office Supplies & This Happened…

Head shot of smiling woman wearing blue shirt.

Ever have one of those days? You know the kind: you start out with one thing in mind and end up doing quite something else. So here’s my story. This morning I went to a certain big box store to get some packing bubbles to wrap my Singer Featherweight sewing machine for shipping to be cleaned and serviced. Yes, that ... Read More »

Am I Getting Old?

I had one of those days the other day. It seemed like so many little things went wrong. Nothing was a big deal. Each mishap all by itself would have been nothing. Piling them all up in the course of a few hours, however, made me wonder about myself. Finally I decided to stop doing anything and just read so ... Read More »

Questions to Ask Before Your Mind’s on Drugs

Do you remember as far back as the 60’s, maybe even before, when “on drugs” was a negative term that usually involved illegal activity? Back then I pictured people on drugs as criminals, people lying around in a stupor until time to get their next fix. Unfortunately, I had a family member who fit this description so I saw “up close ... Read More »

Grandma Won? Hooray!

When I was growing up older people still often sat in their rocking chairs or on their porches and didn’t seem to do much of anything. At least, that’s how it looked to my child’s eyes. Of course I paid no attention to the fact that my grandmother had made breakfast for herself, my grandfather, and the six of us ... Read More »

Aging With Style: Do We Really Need to Be Anti-Aging Zealots?

Sitting here dressed to go to work at my part time garden center job I find myself reading about older women and fashion. If you’ve ever worked or shopped at a garden center, you know that the fashion there means well worn jeans or other utility pants a shirt that’s going to get dirty, and comfortable utilitarian shoes. Practicality trumps ... Read More »

Friends & Their Importance in Senior Living

One of my best friends is getting ready to move across the country. I’ll miss her, especially since a few of my other good friends have died. We’re old, but not that old. All of us are under 70. Every time I lose a friend, either to death or to a long distance move, I feel more isolated. It’ hard ... Read More »

The Good Old Days: Remember When . . . ?

“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anaïs Nin, Winter of Artifice As I continue to go through things I’ve inherited and to clean out things I simply stuffed into some ... Read More »

Can You Believe What She’s Wearing?

When I was young I thought of older women as grannies. My grandmother wore her housedress most of the time. I never saw her wear slacks until I was a teenager and the extended family was at a lake in Minnesota where the adults, including my grandmother, were fishing. I guess when you’re in a rowboat catching slippery fish you ... Read More »